Story telling is a huge part of what I do in Journalism. Telling an effective and meaningful story creates the dialogues we have as a community.Though, when it comes to blogging, more line is given to go dab your interests in a diverse pallet of issues. It's a place to relax, a place to get ANGRY, or a place to vent. I for one appreciate the latter.

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Lest We Forget: Two minutes spared in the pockets of a few

Remembrance Day in Canada is a time to cater our thoughts to those who have fought, died and live on in memory due to war and the various conflicts the nation has faced. As Canadians, we take great respect and care in the ceremonies that make us unique in honouring the fallen.

That is what I have always believed.

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Activism in Vancouver - Open to all, shut to change

The election of 2016 United States presidential candidate Donald Trump shocked not just America, but the world. It wasn’t long after that global citizens took to the streets to protest his inauguration. Since then, it has sparked a series of debates, protests and marches alike.

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