Investigation and the ability to ask why and how are essential to news reporting. This is essential for any level of reporting in order to bring the story and the issues to the audience. I push myself with each assignment because I'm fascinated in learning more and approach the world we maneuver each day with curiosity.

Below are written stories and articles for Web platforms and print. Samples below:

BC is set up to fail in fighting wildfires, again, says Esk'etemc Fire Manager

BY: Sean Holden

“All the emergency management the province takes on, it’s always a disaster,” says Gord Chipman, Fire Manager for Alkali Lake Resource Management (ARM) in Esk'etemc First Nations. He’s been putting out fires for 35 years, but none as destructive as the wildfires during this last season. Yet he says what’s really burning a hole is BC’s unorthodox approach to managing fires.

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Coquitlam former mental health hospital rebuilding after controversial history

By: Sean Holden

Lobotomies, eugenics and ice baths leave a black stain on Riverview Hospital, Coquitlam’s infamous former asylum for mental illness and addictions. The Hospital is a skeleton of what it once was, having fallen to disorder and closed in July of 2012.

However, BC Housing, the provincial government and the city of Coquitlam are ready to turn a new leaf despite Riverview’s jaded past. City Councilor, Craig Hodge, stated that the city will reopen two full-time buildings by 2019 costing $175 million. This will immediately facilitate the province’s ability to give specialized mental health services. Hodge says “…it’s [Riverview] a wonderful gift from the past.”

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