Newscast & Features


Learning how to voice and edit a newscast, or any audio prepared for the radio waves, creates a fast track at learning how to present pure information. The work I do in radio gives me a chance to think of my audience. When I present information, I do not have my audience's full attention, as they may be driving or tuning in on an app while at work. It brings a set of new challenges that I enjoy, because it makes me really account for the people's lives that I'm putting myself in the middle of.

Below is a compilation of audio work designed for newscasts and radio:

Culture Constraints

This is a short radio style news feature. I took the opportunity to part take in the annual Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver. It's an art patrons paradise as over 500 different artists open their doors to display their hard work. I went to talk about the difficulties of being an artist. It turns out, it isn't too different to a lot of other Vancouverites concerns.

Pumpkin Problems

This is a short radio style feature. I talked with a local farmer during the pumpkin crops most demanding time of year, Halloween! But for this years crop season the challenge for growing is more difficult then managing the large amount of pumpkin patch visitors.

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