Video Journalism

News is consumed by a large audience with a diverse set of interests. From sports, to conflicts, to day time cooking, broadcasters are prepared to serve viewers whatever they want to watch or what they need to watch. To make that a reality, a video journalist has to to be out in the world in order to handcraft stories and direct coverage. I feel that Video Journalism is the scalpel of the broadcast news industry, providing compelling inside looks in to what could be happening hundreds of miles away or in your backyard.


For this video I wanted to take the opportunity to get out in to the field, see who was doing what, and how I can put this issue into frame. This is one of my first news style Features but certainly not my last.


Wheels for Workers: News style Special about Migrant Farm workers and Vancouver Artists, Students and Volunteers coming together to help workers who are in a situation of isolation.


This is a pair of Standup style journalism reporting. Doing Standups brings credibility for the journalist as well as establish a personal connection between reporters, the story and the audience. These have given me a chance to try and get more comfortable presenting in front of a camera and seeking that connection through the lens.

Attention: The Following Standups are for practice only and are not to be used as genuine or accurate content. They are solely designed for personal education and review of technique and performance.


This is a short video doing a news style standup for practice about a shooting in Chilliwack.


Short video with an interactive news style standup about Annette Poitras from Coquitlam who went missing in the Coquitlam outback and has been since found.

Sean Holden VJ Practice, Worker Isolation

Sean Holden Interactive Standup Practice, Chilliwack Shooting

Sean Holden Interactive Standup, Lost Woman

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